Selfiemade Escape Room: Your Destination for Memorable Corporate Events and Team Building!!

Selfiemade Escape Room: Your Destination for Memorable Corporate Events and Team Building!!

Welcome to Selfiemade Escape Room, your gateway to a world where corporate events and team building take on a whole new level of excitement. Nestled in Austin, our immersive escape rooms offer the perfect canvas for celebrating success, fostering team spirit, and igniting creativity.

Get ready to explore an extraordinary experience where adventure meets teamwork, and every challenge is an opportunity to grow together!

Explore, Discover, Escape: Selfiemade’s World of Intrigue

Imagine you push open the door and are immediately transported into an atmosphere teeming with creativity and intrigue. The walls around you are adorned with exquisite artwork, setting the stage for a truly one-of-a-kind adventure.

Here at Austin Escape Room Adventures, your exploration will reveal that every painting, sculpture, and hidden corner holds a secret waiting to be discovered. It’s one of the cool things to do in Austin, combining art and mystery for an unforgettable experience.

As you explore, you’ll find that every painting, sculpture, and hidden corner holds a secret waiting to be discovered.

Why Selfiemade Is The Ideal Corporate Event Venue For Your Corporate Event?

Our unique escape room experience, nestled within a real art museum, offers an ambiance beyond compare. As you enter our artistic haven, you’ll discover why we’re the ideal choice for corporate events that leave a lasting impression.

Beautiful Historic Venue

Our venue, a beautifully historic space, adds a touch of elegance to your corporate event. Partially converted into a state-of-the-art Live Escape game, it uniquely blends the old and the new, creating an unforgettable ambiance. It’s an ideal setting for experiencing the best team-building activities.

Private Escape Rooms:

Enjoy the exclusivity of our private escape rooms, where your team can focus on the mission without distractions. We have the capacity to accommodate groups of up to 25 people, all playing simultaneously in multiple chambered rooms, making it perfect for Team Building Escape Games Austin.

Competitive Hourly Rates:

We understand the importance of value, so we offer competitive hourly rates for your corporate events, ensuring they have access to fun places in Austin. Your investment in team building and entertainment will be well worth it.

Private Party Room:

After your thrilling escape room adventure, continue the discussions, celebrations, and team bonding in our private party room. It’s the ideal space to reflect on your achievements and plan your future successes.

Exclusive Drink Packages:

Raise a toast to your successes or strategize over drinks at our on-site #Selfiemade bar. Celebrate your team’s achievements and relax in a casual atmosphere. But remember, moderation is essential – you wouldn’t want to become the puzzle your team needs to solve!

Team Building Tailored To You: Strengthening Bonds

At Selfiemade Escape Room, we believe in hands-on team building. Our escape room experience challenges your team with puzzles, mysteries, and obstacles that require collaboration and creative problem-solving.

It’s an adrenaline-pumping adventure encouraging communication, collaboration, and creative problem-solving.

As you work together to achieve common goals, your team’s bonds grow more robust. This immersive experience fosters leadership, communication, and trust among team members, embodying the essence of Thrilling Escape Challenges in Austin.

Our corporate events provide transformative experiences, equipping your team with valuable skills and lasting memories. Team building through action, adventure, and teamwork creates a more connected, capable team.

Seize The Moment: Capture Artful Memories

As a bonus, our escape rooms feature beautiful art sets, backdrops, and props, providing fantastic photo opportunities after your escape. Snap pictures with your team to immortalize your triumph and showcase your teamwork.
It’s the artful icing on the cake of your adventure!

Plan Your Corporate Escape:

Ready to elevate your team’s potential? Plan your corporate event or team-building activities in Austin, TX, today at the Selfiemade Escape Room in Downtown Austin. With our immersive escape room puzzles, historic venue, and commitment to teamwork, you’re in for an adventure that strengthens bonds, ignites creativity, and leaves everyone with smiles and memories to cherish.

Contact us for details and packages, and get ready to enjoy an extraordinary team-building journey where adventure and teamwork are seamlessly woven together!