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Escape Rooms

Selfiemade Escape Room is a live experience in Downtown Austin created for friends, co-workers, families and strangers. Look for hidden clues, solve clever puzzles, find secret rooms and learn mysteries within! Be quick, you only have 60 minutes!
Museum Heist

Museum Heist

You are about to visit an amazing modern art museum located in the heart of Austin in order to… rob it. You will be searching for art, gold, money… BUT! The owners turned the museum into a trap full of puzzles, safes, secret doors and hidden places. Getting out may not be easy.
You have 60 minutes!
Tick-Tock. Tick-Tock.
Number of players: 4-10
Success rate: 35%
Perfect for: birthdays, families and team building
Night at The Museum

Night at The Museum

What a charming Night at the Museum! All the people are finally gone, the lights are out, it’s nice and quiet. And you… were left locked inside! Will you escape in 60 minutes?
Participants: 2-6
Success rate: 40%
Best for: friends, families, dates
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Corporate Events
Special Occasions


Do I need any special skills?

You get to use your team working skills, creativity and “think outside the box”. No special skills or physical abilities are required.

What makes you different?

We are an actual art museum partially converted into a state of the art Live Escape Game. Everything inside is a real deal and a part of your experience.

Do you host Team Building events?

Absolutely! Our rooms were designed with team building in mind and are a great place to lock up your employees. We can have up to 24 people play at the same time. Please contact us if you group has more than 10 participants.

Is there an age limit?

The recommended age is 12+. You can bring younger children but at least one adult must be present.

Where are you located?

We are located at 503 Neches St, Austin, TX 78701

When should I arrive?

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time.

I am unable to attend.

You can reschedule your game online up to 24 hours before the start.

Is it hard? Can we ask for clues?

Yes it is. Yes you can. The rest is up to us.

I really want to escape!

Focus. Think logically. Work as a team. Use your creative side. Stay active and motivated. Passive, sad, and unhappy folks do not escape.

Am I allowed to take pictures?

Yes! Inside Museum Heist you will find beautiful art sets, backdrops and props. You are welcome to take pictures with those AFTER the game!

Are there multiple chambers? Is it linear?

You will not be disappointed!

Should I have drinks before the game?

No. Well, maybe just one or two. Drunk people do not escape. We do have a #selfimade bar onsite and recommend celebrating AFTER you escape. Who knows, you might even win some bubbly?

Birthdays, Team building, Large groups.

We gladly host birthdays, private parties and team building events! We can have up to 24 people play at the same time. Please email us for details and packages.


They Escaped




One of the hardest escape rooms I’ve done but the Game Master was phenomenal! Highly recommend Christian! From the front, it may not look like your average escape room, but it’s super fun (and hard) when you enter. The Night at the Museum Room can be done with two people, but be sure to use your magnets wisely!

Shelby Velazquez

Such a fun experience! It is located inside a historic downtown building which was really cool how they renovated the place. One of the owner’s Alex was our guide. He was awesome. We did the Night at the Museum escape room. The puzzles are interactive and challenging. I loved how hands on the puzzles were. After we escaped with a few hints we went upstairs, and spent a good while in the Selfie Studio which was insanely cool. Overall a 10/10. Great place to hang with friends for a few hours and have a lot of laughs! Thanks Alex and Margaryta!

Brody Sizemore

Our group had such an awesome time at #SelfieMade Escape room. The room was equally challenging and fun. Our host Keith was incredible in guiding us and trying to get us to escape (we didn’t 😂). 10/10 would go back!…

Sean Flanagan

AMAZING PLACE! Me and my family tired the night at the museum game and it was super cool and very family friendly. I really liked how there were new surprises almost every moment and had its own ideas that you won't find at other escape rooms.

Keith Ramirez

Keith was awesome! He was fun and informative - made us feel special for a friends birthday! Escape room and selfies was fun but only thing is we wish the escape room was just a tiddle bit easier.. We didn’t make it, but still had a great time! Bar is a great touch!

Alee Veal

Had my sons 13th birthday here and can I just say how amazing the staff were, Keith was phenomenal with keeping up with my son and all his friends as they tried out the "Museum heist" escape room while me and the other parents had some much needed glasses of champagne. There is something for the whole family, and the staff did an amazing job.

Gregory Smith

It was a great experience. I had made a mistake in booking it, but they responded right away and got it straightened out for me. The guy who helped us get through it was very kind and gave us clues when we needed them.

Dan C

Amazing rooms! Just tried the night at the museum and the ambiance, the puzzles and the idea are all out of this world incredible!!! Must try and free champagne for the winners!

Margaryta Schwery

Amazing experience! We have only done a few escape rooms before and this one has been the best so far! Beautiful decorations and props made it seem super real and exciting! The staff was great and we were able to win a bottle of champagne when we escaped! I’m so excited to come back and try another room when it’s available!

Nata Mcwang

It was a really great experience! The room is really unique and the staff is fantastic - went above and beyond to accommodate our group! The escape room’s puzzles were very creative, challenging and kept us on our toes. We enjoyed it and it was lots of fun!

Anna Hagan

Loved it!!! One of the most challenging yet exciting escape rooms I have done! I really enjoyed playing Museum Heist, the theme and decorations are well thought put and the puzzles are super creative. No spoilers but it does require a bigger group for a reason, there is lots to cover which we definitely loved. Looking forward to when their second room comes out :)


I recently visited the escape room and had an amazing time! The staff were friendly and helpful, and the room itself was well designed and challenging. I especially appreciated the attention to detail in the clues and puzzles, which kept me engaged and on my toes throughout the experience. The atmosphere was immersive and added to the excitement of the game. Overall, I would highly recommend this escape room to anyone looking for a fun and unique outing with friends or family in Austin!

Healthy Treats

Great experience! The game was large with multiple rooms and places to explore! I also really enjoyed the designs and art installations within the room. Disclaimer, I have played a lot of escape rooms in the past and this one is definitely on a more difficult side so an average person may need a few clues from the game master to escape. Otherwise, one of the best rooms I have ever done.

Jose Fernandez

Such an awesome concept! Me and my friends went there a few days ago and we had a blast! I thought the puzzles would be easy and quick to solve but you actually need to really think outside of box and communicate with your teammates and it’s such a bonding experience. I also loved all the backgrounds they have there and you can use them for your pics as well (what we did after the game) I am a huge fan of escape rooms and this one is definitely one of my favorites. Very creative and fun! And their customer service is on point Highly recommend!

Polina Badurova

This was hard, but so much fun! We celebrated a birthday and all 10 of us had to really think outside the box to escape. Our game master was fantastic and we had to rely on a few clues to successfully complete the quest. And what a way to celebrate with a complimentary champagne at the end. Such a cool experience and highly recommend.

ar dan

What an incredible experience! It was 6 of us and while we didnt escape, we certainly worked as a team and truly were amazed by all the clever and very challenging puzzles. Everything totally made sense in the end and we very much enjoyed putting our skills to a challenge. The fact that they have a bar on site is simply amazing and we stayed for a few drinks sharing all the laughs!


This is easily the best room I`ve had to escape yet. Very unique design, more than plenty of fun yet rather hard puzzles. The theme is just fantastic and we ended up taking some cool pictures with the photo zones inside. Everything was very thoroughly thought out and we had a total blast.

Arnold Danilov

I went here with my family while in town and had a fantastic time. If you have a creative mind and a good attitude, you will have some great photos with these installments. The escape room put us to the test. It was such a fun experience that I can't wait to try it again. We would definitely recommend this to families, friends, businesses, and social media-inclined friends! It was awesome, and Margaryta was a pleasure to work with.

Brandon Kennedy

I have been to many escape rooms but this one has to be one of the best! The room was set up perfectly with amazing props and challenges that really immersed us into the game. And the flow of the room was just right to keep all 8 of us occupied. 10/10 recommended to anyone looking for a fun time while in Austin!

Natalia Makarenko

This place is awesome! I came here with my mom for her birthday because she was visiting. She’s never done an escape room before but she had a blast! I’ve done a few before but this one was my favorite—just a different and unique style. Will definitely come back here again with friends.

Vanessa Cohn

Really cool escape room experience and selfie studio! Would definitely recommend trying the escape room, it's tough!

Henry Tran

If you are in Austin looking for thing to do, you should definitely check this place out. It was pretty challenging, but all six of us had a lot of fun. Pay attention to the details, you think that an hour is a lot of time, maybe it is…until you get in the room. Times flights fast in there. Love this place, want to come back with my family during Christmas holidays!

Alina Maliar

Best corporate outing ever! I am new to the company and this truly made me part of the team. We literally had to work as one to be able to escape, which we did with seconds to spare. And the best part - we got rewarded with champagne to celebrate in the end. Highly recommend to any team in any business!

Olena Danilova

We really enjoyed doing Museum Heist on a Christmas Day. The puzzles were really clever and the room was beautifully designed as an art museum space. We did need to ask for a few clues and escaped with some time to spare!!! Also the bar onsite was just what we needed after the game lol. Hope they build more rooms soon!

Smart Choice

It’s definitely a unique one-of-a-kind escape room. And i like how many neat surprises it packs. My team loved it and I would recommend it to anyone (just bring more people- we had 7 and stayed very busy the whole time).


We, 3 of us, did the "Night at the Museum" escape room and had a blast! The style of the room, the props, and set up was really, really well designed! Brilliant!

Rex T

Best escape room I've done! Super interactive! Enough fun for a large group of any age.Cannot wait to visit again for more adrenaline:-)

Anna Volkova

This is the best place ever #best place ever so many rooms nice guy.

Thomas Stein

MAURICE WAS AWESOME!!! Thanks for being so sweet and super enthusiastic, definitely will be back!!!!

Avery Rose

We had a lot of fun that is one of the best places to go in Austin if you are a tourist or local highly recommended for family retreat. 5 stars for fun 5 stars for experience 5 stars for service

Vlad D

Had an amazing time doing the Heist and Christian was wonderful!

Rishi Sawhney

It was a lot of fun. It was very well decorated as well. It’s tough room though! Definitely telling my friends about this one.

alex schwery

Quaint room that is awesomely postured in a selfie museum and has a bar! Have some great staff running the place too!

Mark Baker

We escaped!!! This one was very fun with a lot of interesting puzzles. Everyone in our group enjoyed it!

Pretty Leroy

Game guide Christian was awesome!! We did Heist with 4 people and almost escaped!

Jhon Ramirez

It was my first time here! It is a great game and place ! Love it.

Anna Kazakova

Very good first experience

Amethyst Uresti

Good place! A lot of fun!

Gaby Campos

Came for our honeymoon and had sooooo much fun! Great puzzles, you don't get bored. Our host Keith was the best and made our experience 10x better!

Marissa M